A brief history of our company

Green Cross Health sold Access Community Health division to Anchorage Capital Partners on 28 February 2023. The sale of Access Community Health positions Green Cross Health to invest and focus on the growth of the Pharmacy and Medical Division.

Our Green Cross Health group now has 342 pharmacies and 63 medical centres. With a bold vision of Because of what we do, everyone is healthier, we are passionately committed to the health and wellness of New Zealand, and to providing the best support, care and advice to our communities.

We are passionately committed to supporting the health and wellness of New Zealand, providing the best care and advice to our communities through our network of health professionals and support staff in pharmacies and medical centres. Green Cross Health is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange (NZX:GXH).

The pharmacy rebranding project neared completion with a growing network of 330 pharmacies under the Unichem and Life Pharmacy brands and more than 1.3 million members in the Living Rewards loyalty programme.

Green Cross Health also acquired the remaining 50% shareholding in Total Care Health Service, further enhancing the opportunity for growth in the community health market in Auckland.

As New Zealand communities bid a fond farewell to their Radius Pharmacy, Amcal and Care Chemist brands, they welcome in fresh Unichem and Life pharmacies, with a green cross identifier marking the heart of community health and wellness. With an investment in community care specialist Total Care Health Services, Pharmacybrands marks a clear intent to become a provider of integrated primary health services in New Zealand and announces a new corporate identity as Pharmacybrands becomes Green Cross Health Limited (GXH).

Access Home Health is acquired by the Group to extend Green Cross Health's community healthcare offering. With the acquisition of Peak Primary, the Medical Division positions for growth and increase the Doctor's brand presence.

A major brand development project gets underway, reinvigorating the Unichem and Life Pharmacy brands.

Pharmacybrands acquires Radius Pharmacy, Radius Medical Limited and Radius Medical Solutions Limited marking a transition to becoming a provider of broader healthcare services.

Life Pharmacy merges with Pharmacybrands and the company takes over the NZX listing under PHB.

Pharmacybrands integrates the Dispensary First brand into Amcal and Unichem. Life Pharmacy Ltd acquired Care Chemists Ltd.

Life Pharmacy split from the group to establish the first listed pharmacy group on the NZX, through a company called Beauty Direct.

Unichem Pharmacy Group merges with the Amcal group and becomes Pharmacybrands Ltd.

Unichem Pharmacy Group launches Dispensary First, primarily aimed at health- only focused pharmacies delivering additional value add services and health advice.

Unichem Life launches. Life Pharmacies are larger format pharmacies ranging top tier cosmetics and perfume, located predominantly in malls.

Unichem Pharmacy Group is established in 1981 as a buying group for individual pharmacies throughout New Zealand.