Compliance Packing

Do you find it hard to remember if you've taken your medicines?
Are you worried about a member of your family who may be finding it hard to keep track of what to take and when?
Do you find it hard to open pill bottles or read their labels?
Do you have children who need to take medication to school sometimes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then compliance packing may help. Your tablets and capsules are dispensed into a convenient, safe and reliable pack instead of bottles and boxes. The packs are labeled with the time and day to take each medicine - no more guesswork!

Your closest 10 pharmacies are:

1 Unichem Bramwells Pharmacy
232 Gladstone Road,
2 Life Pharmacy Whakatane
183 The Strand,
3 Unichem Adamson's Pharmacy
52 King Street,, Whakatane 3120
4 Unichem Kope Pharmacy
78 King Street, Kopeopeo, Whakatane 3120
5 Unichem Excelsa Pharmacy
5 Golden Sands Drive, Papamoa
6 Life Pharmacy Te Puke
61 Jellicoe Street,
7 Unichem Stephensons Pharmacy
64 Albert Street,
8 Life Pharmacy Bayfair
Bayfair Shopping Centre, Corner Maunganui and Girven Roads, Bayfair
9 Life Pharmacy Tauranga
53 Devonport Road, Tauranga Central
10 Unichem Whangamata Pharmacy
503 Port Road, Whangamata
11 Unichem Johns Photo Pharmacy
292 Cameron Road,