Corporate and Community Responsibility

Since 2011, we have been a key partner of Cure Kids, an organisation whose purpose is simple: every single day, their researchers are driven to find the cures for life-threatening illnesses that affect many of our children. Approximately one child in 30 is affected by a genetic malformation; that's an average of roughly one in every classroom. Cure Kids is searching for cures for, among others, childhood leukaemia and other cancers, heart diseases, cystic fibrosis, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Type 1 diabetes and asthma. These conditions and diseases mean children miss out on a normal childhood, and have to learn far too early in life how to fight to survive.

As a leading community health provider, we are proud to contribute to their fundraising efforts and take our hats off to our managers, staff and customers in our pharmacies throughout New Zealand, ably assisted by our support office teams for getting behind Cure Kids and raising thousands of dollars each year for vital child health research.

Established by Rotary in 1971, Cure Kids has invested more than $32 million into children's health research. Children's health research, funding senior research positions in perpetuity - Professorial Chairs in Child Health Research - in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin, alongside an annual granting round of approximately $500,000 per year.

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